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Company Description

PressLogic is a data-driven media commerce company based in Hong Kong, founded in 2016. Our vision is to empower brands and merchants with social commerce capabilities with AI and technology. We comprise a broad portfolio of market-leading digital media brands, boasting operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia, with over 260 employees worldwide.

Across its social media accounts & websites, PressLogic accumulates over 13 million Facebook & Instagram followers and over 500 million monthly content impressions. The unprecedented fast-growing record of PressLogic has attracted the market’s attention. In 2018, PressLogic successfully raised its Series A+ funding of USD 10 million.

Our motto is ‘Continually Evolving’, while we scale up locally, we have been expanding to the globe. We target to create more original contents in different world-class cities, to accelerate the growth of our audiences and improve our services and technology.

MediaLens and Social Commerce
We principally utilize MediaLens developed by our founders as a strategic partnership, a data-driven analytics system combined with AI and machine learning capabilities for optimising ROI performances in various social media, to operate and build highly effective media networks in the digital world. We also operate new social commerce platforms in local experiences areas as a local lifestyle e-commerce marketplace.

Digital Media & Content Marketing

Backed up by MediaLens and in-house editorial creative experts, PressLogic keeps delivering high-engaging contents and has risen to become the leading lifestyle digital media for Millennials in the Asia-Pacific Region.

GirlStyle 女生日常(@girlstyle.hongkong) 2M+ followers
HolidaySmart 假期日常 ( 1.5M+ followers
BusinessFocus ( 1.1M+ followers
MamiDaily 親子日常( 400k+ Followers
UrbanLife Health 健康新態度 ( 770k+ followers
Kdaily 韓粉日常 (@thekdaily): 410k+ followers
CatCity 貓奴日常(@thecatcatcity): 310k+ followers
GirlStyle 台灣女生日常(@girlstyle.taiwan) 1.5M+ followers
GirlStyle Singapore (@girlstyle.singapore) 250k+ followers
GirlStyle India (@girlstyle.india)1.80M+ followers
GirlStyle 걸스타일코리아( followers
GirlStyle 马来西亚女生日常(@girlstyle.malaysia) 390k+ followers

Working with us
We are a team of creative individuals with diverse backgrounds, and we aim to attract and retain high-calibre people who pursue ‘continually evolving’. We offer talents exciting career opportunities to grow and realize their potential. We also value our employees, so we provide them with attractive remuneration packages and a positive work environment to help harness their creativity.

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