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Company Description

NTCO Recycling is a high-tech manufacturer of recycled products. Utilizing recycled resources, it has created a full supply chain with recirculated plastics. INTCO has established a unique business model by processing recycled plastics into fashionable consumer products. Headquartered in Zibo, Shandong, with production bases in Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Stock Symbol 688087.

The GreenMax styrofoam compactor machines independently developed by INTCO can compress EPS foams to 1/50 and 1/90 of their original volume. This enables INTCO to contribute to recycling networks on a global scale, by helping more than 400 recycling stations in over 50 countries boost recycling efficiency, and reduce processing costs. INTCO has the ability to recycle and reuse 100,000 tons of EPS foam per year. We aim to build a circular economy model of quality plastic reuse by using cutting edge recycling and production technologies. Our main products include styrofoam compactor machines, r-PS pellets, frame moldings, art frames, photo frames, mirror frames, wall panels, crown molding and other interior and exterior decorative materials, which are widely sold in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide.

In recent years the US, Japan and several EU nations have issued plastic bans or restrictions, requiring the addition of a certain percentage of recycled content to disposable plastic packaging products. Leading companies have been taking action. INTCO responded quickly by replicating its EPS foam circular economy model to launch a 50,000 ton food-grade PET beverage bottle recycling project in Malaysia. High-purity sorting, bottle-to-bottle wash, highly effective impurity removal and other technologies are used to produce r-PET flakes, r-PET food-grade pellets, r-PET sheets, and various thermoforming r-PET products. These are applied in the food-grade plastic packaging industry, used in drinking cups, tableware, or beverage bottles, in the textile industry for clothing, shoes, bags, suitcases, and even in the automobile industry for vehicle interiors, accessories and engine components. Products have obtained FDA and EFSA approval.

As an environmentally responsible company, INTCO has the annual capacity to recycle 100,000 tons of EPS foam, and 50,000 tons of PET bottles to food-grade PET plastics, saving 450,000 tons of crude oil, sparing 2 million trees and reducing 300,000 tons of carbon emissions per year. At the present, INTCO has eliminated 2.5 million tons of global carbon emissions, reduced 3.75 million tons of crude oil expenditure, and saved 25 million trees!

In the future, INTCO will take advantage of its full supply chain integration in plastic recycling to enlarge its “plastic family” by expanding its business horizontally to PE, PP, and HDPE. Driven by proactive innovation, INTCO will continue its advancement of plastic recycling technologies to become a global leader in resource recycling, and contribute to sustainable development in the new global carbon economy!

INTCO Recycling Renewing the World