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Company Description

Finworld Technology is a software company that provides the most powerful and convenient tools
(software) in Malaysia, especially for investors and professionals in the stock market (web portal:

By providing financial data and financial analytics in detail, investors are able
to get a clearer picture while making any investment analysis, and most importantly, improve their
investment performance.

Quantitative and big data analytics are what make Finworld the primary source for investors who
are eager to know what’s happening now and what might happen next in the stock market. Currently,
Finworld’s market share stood at 15% and we are confident that we will be able to heighten the
market penetration by targeting the Syariah investors and rolling out more AI features
which enable investors to customize their investment strategies.

We strongly believe that the new AI features from our R&D team is the main pillar for us to support the investors from time to time. We also provide the listed companies’ financial report and share price performance with all the technical indicators into the classroom and build a stronger curriculum to the University students in Malaysia. Students can access all the data and tools via on and off campus with seamless auto sync across their devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. We are happy the University students are able to apply their learning with the richness of our real-world data.

With the help of our strong local teams, Finworld continues to maintain high quality information in
the stock market to our customers. Finworld has set its sights on higher aspirations which include
becoming a fast growing software company in Malaysia. Accordingly, we continue to expand our
business in target to provide one stop solutions for our customers to have an excellent experience
while using our software.

Finworld’s management team has a clear vision to become the leader in the investment and business
solutions with the mission to provide innovation and practical solutions for our customers. Started off
with investment solutions, Finworld grew in its reputation and customer base in business to investors
market, and we saw an opportunity to seek for new growth in the enterprise market after the Covid-
19 pandemic gave a boost to remote work and learning.

We will roll out our first business solution software, which is a cloud-based Human Resource
Management System in Malaysia in 2024. This software is to make managing businesses ease by
providing an all-in-one solution to manage human resource matters. Our Human Resource
Management System(HRMS) provides a complete solution which includes time attendance, payroll,
leaves, claims, and etc.

Our HRMS automates many manual tasks and help our clients spend 80% less time on admin. We
strongly believe that our software will not only reduce the paper work loads, yet ease to connect and
engage the employers and employees in the workplace.

We know that along the way we may face many challenges, but we will put these challenges
behind us and emerge stronger. We are not the pioneers of internet technology, but we wish to
make a greater contribution and development to this industry and become highly remarkable.

Awards received by Finworld Technology:
1. Golden bull awards
2. SME 100 awards
3. European society of quality research awards
4. Women entrepreneur awards